CIT 597 Old Announcements
Fall 2004, David Matuszek

Date Announcements
December 1


Thursday, December 2, 6:30 PM
Heilmeier Hall

Dave Millar, University of Pennsylvania Information Security Officer, will talk on personal computer security: that is, how avoid (or recover from) problems such as viruses, spyware, spam, and phishing. This talk is aimed at a general audience.

All interested students and faculty are invited to attend.

November 19

Here's what to study for Monday's quiz:

  • Know all of the bad smells from all the refactoring lectures. I'll ask you to briefly identify one or two of them.
  • Know how to create and read system and user Preferences.
  • Learn the Logger methods and be able to distinguish among the XxxHandlers.
  • Know the various ways to get the Class of an object, and the basic getXxx methods. Don't bother with all the methods to dissect classes, modifiers, methods, etc.
  • DTDs, XML Schema Definition Language (XSD), and RELAX NG--know the advantages and disadvantages of each, but the language constructs won't be covered.
  • Perl--everything in this lecture is fair game, so work on your assignment.
November 16 I've posted the Perl assignment. It contains information about where to get and install Perl (installation is very easy).
November 16 The , which keeps moving around, is back to November 22. The 24th is just too close to the Thanksgiving break.
November 14 I've made the complete BeerSelection servlet + JSP example available as (also accessible from the Examples page). This is exactly what I have on m174pc4, except that I've added the .java source files in the obvious places.
November 13 I've now made servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar available on my web site. But it's still a better idea to install Tomcat.
November 11

Using Eclipse for servlets: In order to compile servlets with Eclipse, you need to link to the two jars servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar. They are in Tomcat\common\lib.

Also, Tomcat 5.0.27 and 5.0.29 don't seem to work with Java 1.5.0; I had to use Java 1.4.2. I think there is a list of allowable SDKs in a Tomcat configuration file, but I haven't had time to go looking for it.

November 9 MCIT and MSE (Masters) Pizza Bash
6:15 pm on Thursday Nov. 11 in Levine 307
November 9

The quiz November 10 will cover the following lectures: Sockets and URLs, HTTP, Clients and Servers, Threads, Servlets, More About Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, and UML, and An Example Servlet.

The quiz will not cover: Refactoring 1, Comments on Chat Assignment, Swing, or Tomcat installation and configuration. It will not cover anything from November except the Example Servlet lecture (mentioned above), which adds no new technical material but helps clarify the organization of servlet information.

November 8 Tomcat problem solved! With a little (okay, a lot) of help from K V Kaushik, we have discovered that Tomcat will only access files if there is a WEB-INF directory present. So everyone now has an (empty) WEB-INF directory in their top-level directory. Thank you, KV!
November 4 The lecture "An Example Servlet" is now complete.
November 2

I have the class ftp server and student accounts set up. Please try it when you get a chance, to make certain your account is set up correctly:
Your user name is your last name, uncapitalized (for instance, matuszek) and your password is your student number. Please change your password as soon as is reasonably convenient. Do not use your usual password, because it is saved on the server in plain text.

If you aren't familiar with FTP:
CETS has info on file transfer using Filezilla:
and Pat has a quick reference page:

November 1 Interesting website:
by someone whose name you may recognize:
If you can, please vote!!
October 29 MCIT TA Position Available

There is a TA position (possibly two) available to assist students in

  • CIT 592/Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • CIT 591/Programming Languages & Techniques I
  • CIT 593/Introduction to Computer Architecture

Candidates should have a strong academic background in mathematics; knowledge of an assembly language and Java desirable.

Pay: $18/hour

If interested please contact Prof. Dave Matuszek.

"I'm David Matuszek, and I approve this ad."

October 26 General extension: The due date for the current assignment is hereby changed to Friday, October 29, before midnight.
October 19 Correction to Chat assignment (you need a second port).
October 19 No office hours today. Sorry.
October 19 Is it really all that hard to put "597" in your Subject: line? See the note above, which has been there all semester. Thanks.
October 15 Gayle is changing her office hours to Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30, in Weiss Tech House.
October 11 Please turn in your JavaScript by emailing both Gayle and myself, or by posting on Blackboard.
October 4 Remember to check the Examples page.
October 3 Marcelo has a paid position for a C++ programmer. Is anyone interested?
September 23

There is a talk by Craig Nevill-Manning, of Google on Tuesday, September 28, 3:00 - 4:30, inWu & Chen Auditorium. The title is "Finding needles in a 20 TB haystack, 200 million times per day."

This should be a good talk; I recommend it and I plan to attend myself. I will not have office hours during that time, so I will attempt to be more available the rest of the day.

September 22 I have added a page of examples (see link above). I expect to add quite a bit to this page as the semester progresses.
September 20 The first assignment has been modified and the due date is now a week later.
September 16 I've posted a Link Extractor Addendum to try to answer some questions about the assignment (bottom line: keep it simple).
September 13 First assignment has been posted (see below).
September 13 Changed office hours (see above).
September 10 Invitation to a Sunday Social, The Nodding Head Pub and Brewery, 1516 Sansom Street, 7:30 Sunday evening.
September 3 MCIT Pizza Bash
on Thursday, September 9, 6:15 PM
Levine 307
(MCIT majors only, please) Free pizza and soda, and a chance to chat with fellow MCIT students!