CIT 597 Assignment 2: XHTML and CSS
Fall 2004, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment:

General idea of the assignment:

Write an XHTML web page and use CSS for all style information.


Your web page should have some content; that is, it shouldn't just be a page that shows off some CSS features. However, you are not permitted to simply copy large chunks of text or other information from another source, such as another web page or a book. Some limited pieces may be taken from elsewhere, with attribution (i.e. you have to say where it came from). The arrangement and selection of material must be your creation. This is an intellectual honesty issue, so be extremely careful.

Use the strict XHTML DTD.

Other than this, you are pretty much free to spend a little or a lot of time on this assignment. This is basically a free ride, although we do reserve the right to take off points if you use only a tiny amount of CSS, or if your page is not reasonably neat, attractive, and useable (see my lectures on bad and good HTML).

Due date:

Monday, October 4. Turn in your assignment by putting it on the Web, and emailing the URL to both Gayle and myself. (If you are an MCIT or CIS student, you can put it on the Web here; if you are not, check with your department.)