CIT 597 Programming Languages & Techniques III
Fall 2003, David Matuszek
Class times: MW 10:30-12:00, Moore 309

As the semester progresses, links to all lectures (in PowerPoint format), all assignments, and other class materials will be posted here. Quiz dates will be posted in the Announcements section.

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Date Announcements
December 10, 2003

Please come and enjoy a snack before finals during the three Readings Days:

Tuesday, December 9
Wednesday, December 10
Thursday, December 11

TIME: 2-4pm
PLACE: 2nd floor Mezzanine of Levine

Fresh brewed Coffee and Decaf
Assorted Teas
Hot Chocolate
Hot Apple Cider
Assorted Biscotti, Brownies and Holiday Cookies

Sponsored by the Computer and Information Science Department

December 8, 2003 Remember: No final exam.
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Date Lectures, Assignments, etc.
(Note: Lectures for future dates are tentative)
September 2, 2003 Introduction to CIT597
September 8, 2003 XHTML
Basic Protocols
September 10, 2003 Sockets and URLs
Browser Helper
September 15, 2003 XML
September 17, 2003 DTDs
XML-Based Browser Helper
September 22, 2003 CSS for XML
Bad HTML Style
September 24, 2003

First Quiz--HTML, XHML, XML, DTDs, CSS
      Answers to first quiz
books.xml and books.xsl
XPath (up to axes)
XML/XSL Browser Helper

September 29, 2003 XSLT
Good HTML Style
October 1, 2003 Reflection
Class Spy
October 6, 2003 Clients and Servers
Chat Server and Client
October 8, 2003 Refactoring
October 15, 2003 HTML Forms
JavaScript Fundamentals
Concise Introduction to JavaScript I (Core Language)
October 20, 2003 More JavaScript
JavaScript and HTML
Concise Introduction to JavaScript II (Client-Side)
Simple JavaScript Examples
October 22, 2003 Second Quiz -- Basic Protocols, Sockets and URLs, HTTP, Reflection, Clients and Servers, Refactoring, and JUnit
JavaScript Miscellany
JavaScript and HTML
October 27, 2003 JavaScript Examples
GUI Design
October 29, 2003 DOM
November 3, 2003 More DOM
Namespace Review
XML Schemas
DOM Printer
November 5, 2003 Third Quiz -- XSL, XPath, XSLT, SAX, DOM, and More DOM. JavaScript will be next week.
November 10, 2003 RMI
JAXB (incomplete)
Television Warehouse
November 12, 2003 Servlets
Servlet sessions
November 17, 2003 JSP
Version Control
Commercial Servlets
November 19, 2003 Fourth Quiz (JavaScript)
November 24, 2003 JUnit 2
Refactoring 2
November 26, 2003

Refactoring 3
Final assignment

December 1, 2003 Refactoring 4
December 3, 2003 Perl
December 8, 2003 Aspect-Oriented Programming
Java 1.5

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