CIT597 Quiz 1
Fall, 2003

Please keep all answers short and to the point. Read each question and answer it; don't add information that wasn't asked for.

  1. (10 points) What does each of the following acronyms stand for?
    1. HTML

    2. W3C

    3. XML

    4. DTD

    5. CSS

  2. (10 points)Write the HTML required to produce the following table:

    Good Evil
    Sun Microsoft
    Java C#

  3. (10 points) There is an image file, smiley.gif, in the same directory as an HTML file. Write the HTML you would use to insert the image into the HTML file, and display the text "Smiley face" on those browsers that don't download images.

  4. (5 points) Briefly, what is the main purpose of XML?

  5. (5 points) Complete this sentence: To be valid, an XML document must be well-structured and must also...

  6. (20 points) To be well-structured, XML documents must follow several rules. Give four and only four of these rules.

  7. (5 points) There are two general problems with DTDs. What are they?

  8. (5 points) Briefly, what is the main purpose of CSS?

  9. (15 points) Tell, in English, what each of the following CSS rules do:

    1. i { color: blue; }

    2. * { color: red; }

    3. h1, h2, h3 { text-align: right; }

  10. (15 points) Briefly describe each of the following CSS terms. Draw a picture if it helps you explain.

    1. border

    2. margins

    3. padding