body {background-color: #FFFFDD} (pale yellow).

HTML/CSS Test Page

h2 {color: green}

h2 + h2 {color: red}

h2 + h3 {color: blue}

body S+ h3 {color: aqua} does not appear to work

Here are b.important {font-size: 24pt} and also b.trivial {font-size: 8}, as well as b#important {font-size: 20}.

This document uses p, div {padding-bottom: 8px}.

This is a <div class="one"> paragraph (where {color="purple"}); and it has a <span class="one"> section in it, where {color="blue"}.
And this is a fancy font, defined by span.fancy {font-size: 36; font-family: "NoSuchFont", "FrenchScript", "Courier New", "sans-serif"}.
Here is a paragraph that should be right-justified (rather than the usual left-justified) because it uses <div class="right">, which is defined as div.right {text-align: right; font: bold small-caps 12pt/20pt sans-serif}; this is also an example of abbreviations (12pt/20pt refers to font size and leading, that is, line-height).
Let's try for some bright colors with span.colors {color: #F00; background-color: rgb(0, 0, 255)}.

If this one works, it's a doozy. We've got both div.borders {text-indent: 5em; padding: 8px} and div.borders {border-width: 12px; border-style: groove; border-color: red} defined on this one. And inside it, we have a i#borders {border-width: thick; border-style: double; border-color: green} italicized chunk, and maybe even an unbordered span#secret {border-style: none} chunk.