Site Review Assignment
Fall 2002, David Matuszek

This is a nice lightweight assignment, suitable for doing over Thanksgiving break.

Please use some random method, such as coin flips or dice rolls, to choose three CIT597 student web sites other than your own. Don't just choose the sites of your friends (or enemies!). When you have randomly chosen a web site, please review that site, even if you find it difficult to review for some reason.

For each site, write a short critique describing at least one good thing and at least one bad thing about this site. Not everybody is interesting in the same things--assume that you are writing your critique for an audience that might be interested in this web site (even if you yourself are not interested in the topic). Do not conclude that this is a "good site" or a "bad site"--just indicate the good and the bad aspects that you have noticed, and leave it up to the reader to decide what aspects are important to them.

I'm not going to try to tell you what to look for--that's entirely up to you. Different people will find different things appealing or annoying. Whatever you most like or most dislike about the web site, that's what you should write about. Try to give constructive criticism--that is, don't just say something is bad, instead say how it could be improved.

Email your critiques to me, with CIT597 in the Subject: line. I will remove your name from the critique and forward it to the web site author. (Please try to avoid putting any personal information in the body of your critique; I want to keep this as anonymous as possible.) I would prefer to get all three critiques in a single email, rather than three separate emails.

Grading: Basically, you will get full credit if you do the reviews and they seem reasonable. I expect everyone to get 100 points on this assignment.

You should expect to get approximately three reviews of your own web site--but since this is random, some people will get more or fewer. I hope that everybody gets at least two, but that is unlikely. Therefore, I'm asking for a couple of anonymous volunteers who will be available to write one additional critique, for those sites that didn't receive at least two other critiques. If you volunteer and there is a site that needs an additional critique, I'll ask you to critique that site (I won't ask you to critique more than one). If you are willing to volunteer for this additional duty, please mention this when you email me your critiques. (And no, I'm not offering extra credit for volunteers!) Thanks.