CIT 594 Warning messages
Spring 2012, David Matuszek

In addition to error messages, the Java compiler can give you warnings. A warning doesn't stop your program from running, or even from getting the correct answer, but it does tell you that something about your program could be better.

Some warning messages are just to tell you that you didn't document something properly. (I'm requiring good documentation.) Others are warning you of potential errors, if not now, then in the future--for example, there's a warning for Class overrides 'equals()' but not 'hashCode()'. So don't ignore warning messages!

Due to your Eclipse settings, you may get different warnings than we do! Here are the recommended settings:

It's best to use these settings for the entire workspace; you can override them on a project-by-project basis.

These are tougher standards than we have used in the past. For the first three assignments we are using (mostly) the default settings.

You might also find FindBugs helpful. We aren't using it (currently; we might start).