CIT 594 Programming Languages & Techniques II
Spring 2009, David Matuszek

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May 11, 2009 I have posted the Answers to the final exam.
Grade distribution: 40, 43, 64, 68, 68, 69, 72, 72, 72, 74, 74, 76, 79, 79, 80, 80, 83, 95.
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 Meeting times
Lecture TR 4:30-6PM Moore 216
 Office hours
Instructor is Dr. Dave Whenever my door is open;
Specific hours are here.
Moore 176
TA is Nora Apsel,
Tues. 12:00-1:00
Weds. 11:30-1:00
Moore 100C
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Date Lectures Assignments, etc.
Thu Jan 15 PowerPoint Welcome to CIT594
PowerPoint Recursion
Assignment Tree API
Tue Jan 20 PowerPoint Binary Trees
PowerPoint Trees
Thu Jan 22 PowerPoint Arrays
PowerPoint Analysis
Assignment Recursive Drawings
Tue Jan 27 PowerPoint Simple Sorting
PowerPoint Stacks
Thu Jan 29 PowerPoint Introduction to Collections
PowerPoint Review of Generics
Tue Feb 3 PowerPoint Debugging
PowerPoint Profiling Programs, Timing Methods
PowerPoint Searching
Assignment Timing Methods
Thu Feb 5 PowerPoint BNF
PowerPoint State Machines
Tue Feb 10 PowerPoint Tokenizers Assignment Tokenizer
Thu Feb 12 PowerPoint Recognizers
PowerPoint Design of a (BNF) Data Structure
Tue Feb 17 PowerPoint ADTs again
PowerPoint Linked Lists
Assignment Random Program Generator
More information
Thu Feb 19 PowerPoint Stacks, Queues, and Deques
PowerPoint Lists in Java
Tue Feb 24 PowerPoint Hashing
PowerPoint Using Maps
Thu Feb 26 PowerPoint Tree Searching
PowerPoint Recognizers (review)
Assignment Recognizer
More information
Tue Mar 3
Thu Mar 5 Midterm Exam
More information
Reading CIT 594 Exam Questions
Dr. Dave will be away at SIGCSE conference
Tue Mar 10 Spring Break (no classes)
Thu Mar 12 Spring Break (no classes)
Tue Mar 17 PowerPoint Heapsort
PowerPoint Priority Queues
Thu Mar 19 PowerPoint Parsing Assignment Parser
More information and
More information
Tue Mar 24 PowerPoint Quicksort
PowerPoint Algorithm Types
Thu Mar 26 PowerPoint Storage
Tue Mar 31 Discussion of Interpreter assignment. Assignment Interpreter assignment
More information The Big Picture
More information About the GUI
Software (starter code)
Thu Apr 2 PowerPoint Backtracking
PowerPoint Alpha-Beta Search
Tue Apr 7 PowerPoint Huffman Encoding
PowerPoint Preferences
PowerPoint Randomized Algorithms
Thu Apr 9 PowerPoint Pruning
PowerPoint State Space Searches (including A*)
Tue Apr 14 PowerPoint Graphs
PowerPoint Spanning Trees
Thu Apr 16 PowerPoint Graphs and Hypergraphs Assignment Mapping the Building
Tue Apr 21 PowerPoint Sparse Arrays
Thu Apr 23
Tue Apr 28
Fri May 8
3:00-5:00 PM
Towne 309
Final Exam This time is set by the Registrar and will not be changed.
If you have an exam conflict, you must take it up with the
instructor who is not following the Registrar's required
exam schedule.
Answers to the final exam

Assignment An assignment Software Software that will be useful in this course Reading An article, usually offsite Tutorial A tutorial
official spec Official specification (always offsite) PowerPoint A PowerPoint document, usually one of my lectures More information Additional information about the topic Example Example