CIT 591 and 594 Academic Integrity
Spring 2008, David Matuszek

Individual and team programming:

The following rules are written for individual programming assignments. When you are assigned a team member or members, the rules apply to individual teams. For example, where it says "You may not work together on the same program," this means "Your team may not work together with another team on the same program."

You may:

You may not:

Penalty for first offense:

If you think you may have accidentally broken a rule, come and talk to me about it. You will be much better off than if I discover it myself.

I don't want to catch you cheating. It hurts you and it's a lot of work for me. I go to a huge amount of extra effort to make it difficult to cheat. But it's my job to watch for cheating, it's my responsibility to make things as fair as possible, and I'm good at it.