A Comparison of the Java and .NET Platforms

April 28 or 29, 2007
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Trenton Computer Festival
Author: Pat Palmer



The Java programming language is Sun’s classic and highly successful contribution to the world of object-oriented programming languages.  A few years later, Microsoft introduced the .NET platform, with a new Java-like language (C#) and associated development tools.  These two platforms have been competing vigorously on the desktop, but especially in the area of server technology.  Many developers become expert on one platform or the other, but few have time to learn both.  The schism of understanding the two platforms widens due to misinformation and disinformation.  This talk is an attempt to outline the characteristics, strengths and issues with each platform.


Microsoft .NET platform standards

CLR adheres to the Common Type System (CTS)
   standardized by European Computer Manufacturer's Association (ECMA)
   standardized by International Standards Organization (ISO)

C# Quick Reference

Keyword comparison, Java with C# and VB.NET

Visual Studio pricing

Quote web service WSDL

com.harbormist.Quote myWebService = new com.harbormist.Quote();
TextBox1.Text = myWebService.GetQuote();

a blurb about Microsoft COM

FindBugs | webstart

Jargon laden:

Glassfish to interoperate with Microsoft (Javaworld)

Sun on web services

Old or imprecise:

language comparison.

forum comparing the platforms.


Pat Palmer is an independent consultant and free-lance trainer.  She recently lectured for several years on software engineering and other topics in the CIS Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Before lecturing at Penn, Pat was a consultant on information-sharing software systems within pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Her early career involved several years’ experience developing telecommunications software and systems in AT&T and Lucent.

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