CIT 594 Study Guide for Final Exam
Spring 2004, David Matuszek

Know how to write an Iterator.

Review the general structure of JUnit tests, and how to construct them.

Understand the difference between a pointer and a reference.

Learn the fundamental distinctions between the interfaces of the Collections framework (Collection, List, Set, Sorted Set, Map, SortedMap) and their various implementations.

Memorize my four rules for doing recursion.

Be able to write a simple recursive method.

Know how to do the various tree traversals..

Know how to treat an array as circular by using the mod (%) operator.

Review the new vocabulary (almost always in a red font on my slides). You will be asked to write definitions for a few terms.

Understand the distinction between the Comparable and Comparator interfaces.

Understand the relation between the equals, compare, and hashCode methods.

Know the formal definitions of Big-O, Big-Ω (Omega), and Big-Θ (Theta).

Understand how pseudorandom numbers are generated.

Review the various treewalks and searches, including A*.

Be sure you understand Huffman encoding.

You will be given some programming problems and asked to describe (in English) how you would go about solving them, and what the running time of your solutions would be.

I said in class that certain topics would not be on the exam. They are not on the exam.