CIT 594 Assignment 6: Beeper Hunt, Part III
Spring 2004, David Matuszek


General idea:

Working as a group, implement the Beeper Hunt program. Name your main class BeeperHunt. You may use any of the submitted designs for this program except the one submitted by your group. In other words, you must choose one of the designs other than your own.

Follow the chosen design as closely as possible. Don't make any changes for the sake of convenience, but only out of necessity (because you can't make the program work as designed). You need to document any deviations from the chosen design.

Here, in no particular order, are the designs that have been submitted. To preserve anonymity, and to give you some convenient labels, each design has been named after a star.

Deneb II
Canopus Altair Shaula
Vega Arcturus
Arcturus II
Procyon Betelgeuse
Capella Antares
Antares II
Rigel Aldebaran    

Deneb II: Corrects a problem whereby the second UML diagram cannot be seen on non-Windows computers.

Arcturus II: Adds the (previously only implied) Beeper class, with a constructor and two methods.

Antares II: Made constructors public so they would be visible in Javadoc.

Note: You may use either version I or version II of these designs; you do not necessarily have to use the latest versions.



This is quite a lot of designs, but it is probably worth your time to look at them all and choose the one that is best for your group (you can split up this effort among yourselves). I strongly recommend that you choose the design that you feel will be easiest for your group to implement. (Different groups may prefer different designs.)

Although you don't get to use your own design, you will get credit for it.

Due dates:

Before midnight Tuesday, March 30, turn in a brief (about one page) paper describing:

Before midnight Tuesday, April 6, turn in:

This gives you two weeks to choose a design and implement the program. It would be a good idea to choose the design in less than a week, so that you can get started programming earlier.

If you choose one design, and later decide that you should have chosen a different design, it is okay to change your mind. I won't penalize you for that, but you may have to throw away some code and start over, since you can't "mix" designs.

Please turn in one copy of the assignments for your group.