Addendum to Forté Tutorial I
Spring 2002, David Matuszek

In step 4 of Forté Tutorial I, I had a lot of trouble creating a folder (=directory) in which to put my applet. As I said, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. Now I have the problem figured out.

Do this first to create a folder for your work:

  1. Choose File -> Mount Filesystem... from the main menu.
  2. In the Mount Filesystem window, make sure Add Local Directory is selected, and click the Browse... button.
  3. In the Add Local Directory window, use the pulldown menu to choose the E:\ file system.
  4. Click the Create New Folder icon (to the right of the house).
  5. Scroll to the folder New Folder (if you have more than one, it will have a number after it).
  6. Click once on New Folder (don't double-click!).
  7. Pause, then click once again on New Folder. Be sure to click on the name, not on the icon. This should make it editable.
  8. Change the name to whatever you like (for example, FirstApplet), then--this is the important part--hit enter! If you don't hit enter, it doesn't work!
  9. Select your new folder once again, and click the OK button.
  10. If you did the above correctly, you should get something like E:\FirstApplet in the Mount Filesystem window. Just click OK.
  11. In the Explorer [Filesystems] window, if you have the Filesystems tab selected at the bottom, your new folder should show up and be ready for use.