CIT 594, Animation Lecture--Applets and source code
Dave Matuszek, Spring 2002


  These are the HTML files. To download:
Netscape: Right-click and choose Save link as...
Internet Explorer: Right-click and choose Save Target As...
These are the Java source files.
The basic bouncing ball animation
Same thing, but with better class design
Adding a background causes applet to flicker
Double-buffering solves the flicker problem
Same thing, with an added Start/Stop button
Replacing the ball and checkerboard with a skull and graveyard
Series of images
Making the skull rotate
Multiple images
No new ideas, just added a skeleton
Mouse control
Grabbing the skull or skeleton with the mouse
  Images used (there are a lot of them!). To work with a given applet, images must be placed in a subdirectory of the directory containing the HTML file, and the subdirectory must be named images. Image folder