CIT 591 Programming Languages & Techniques I
Fall 2013, David Matuszek

We cover Scala for about half the course, then transition to Java. The following schedule is tentative, subject to modification without notice as events warrant.

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Meeting times
Lecture MW 3:00-4:30 Towne 303
Lab MCIT: F 3:00-4:30 Moore 207
Beginner's section (optional, for students with little or no programming background) Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm Towne 313
 Office hours
Piazza (For fastest response, try here first!) Always open, 24/7  

Whenever my door is open.
Specific office hours: 3:00-4:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays
Levine 162
TA Emily Boggs, 1:30-2:30 Wednesdays Lounge area outside Towne 303
TA Chauncey Wang 11-12 Wednesdays Moore 207
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Date Lectures Readings, Assignments, etc.
Aug 28 PowerPoint Introduction to CIT 591
PowerPoint Instant Scala
Install Scala
Read Atomic Scala, pp 35-67
Aug 30 Assignment 00-warm-up-exercises.html. Not to be turned in!
Example Example program: lunar-lander.html
Assignment 01-hammurabi.html
Sept 2 Labor day--no class  
Sept 4 PowerPoint Numbers
PowerPoint Scripts and programs
PowerPoint Methods
Read pp 68-82
Sept 6   Assignment 02-number-personalities.html
Sept 9 PowerPoint Scala API
PowerPoint Classes and objects
pp 83-100
Sept 11 Fun with Pair Programming external link
PowerPoint Formatting strings
pp 101-129
Sept 13 Here are my versions of Card.scala, CardDeck.scala, Bid.scala, and BidTest.scala. Assignment 03-opening-bid-in-bridge.html
More information Bid.scala
Sept 16 Course selection period ends
Quiz #1
Sept 18

PowerPoint Sequences and for loops

pp 130-154
Example Pig.scala
Sept 20
Assignment 04-play-hand-of-bridge.html
Sept 23

PowerPoint Pattern Matching (Now! With more slides!)

pp 156-165
Sept 25

PowerPoint Parameters (to classes and methods)
PowerPoint Functions

pp 166-182
Sept 27 Here are my versions of Lojban.scala, SentenceGenerator.scala, SentenceRecognizer.scala, SentenceGeneratorTest.scala, and SentenceRecognizerTest.scala Assignment 05-lojban.html
More information Lojban notes
Sept 30 PowerPoint Scalatest
PowerPoint Style rules
PowerPoint Extreme programming
pp 183-201
Oct 2 PowerPoint Classes and objects

pp 202-234
Oct 4   Assignment 06-cryptograms.html
Oct 7

PowerPoint File I/O
PowerPoint Recursion

pp 235-261
(Skip Reflections, pp 262-264)
Oct 9

PowerPoint Functions and methods

pp 265-293
Oct 11 Fall break  
Oct 14 PowerPoint Classes, objects, traits
PowerPoint Miscellany
pp 294-317
Oct 16 Read A Concise Guide to Scala GUIs pp 318-372
Oct 18 Here's source code for SimpleGui.scala, Dart.scala, and Canvas.scala. Assignment 07-mastermind.html
Oct 21 Quiz #2  
Oct 23 PowerPoint Java for Scala Programmers  
Oct 25   Assignment 08-squarelotron.html
Oct 28 PowerPoint Class structure  
Oct 30

PowerPoint JUnit testing
PowerPoint Polymorphism

Nov 1   Assignment 09-library.html
Read Ten Ways to Kill Pair Programming external link
Nov 4 PowerPoint Inner classes
PowerPoint Abstract classes
Nov 6 PowerPoint Exceptions
PowerPoint Java I/O
Nov 8   Assignment 10-battleship.html
Nov 11 PowerPoint Collections
PowerPoint Generics

Nov 13 PowerPoint Swing
Nov 15   Assignment 11-calculator.html
Nov 18 PowerPoint Animation
PowerPoint MVC
Nov 20 PowerPoint Comments
PowerPoint More about classes
Nov 22   Assignment 12-frogger.html
Nov 25 PowerPoint Java bits and pieces
PowerPoint Namespaces, Scope, Access
PowerPoint Enums

Nov 27 Day before Thanksgiving (No class)  
Nov 29 Thanksgiving break--No lab  
Dec 2 PowerPoint Numbers
PowerPoint Strings and StringBuilders
Dec 4 PowerPoint Regular Expressions  
Dec 6 No lab  
Dec 9 PowerPoint Java O-O summary
PowerPoint Style summary
Dec 16

Final Exam, 3pm-5pm
This exam date/time is set by the Registrar and is non-negotiable.


PowerPoint A PowerPoint document, usually one of my lectures Assignment An assignment Software Software that will be useful in this course
Tutorial A tutorial More information Additional information about the assignment or topic official spec Official specification (always external link offsite)
Read An article; external link indicates offsite Example Example Quiz Quiz or exam