CIT 591 Textbooks and Clicker
Fall 2013, David Matuszek



Clicker -- Available from the campus bookstore for approximately $50. Will be required again in CIT 594.

Yes, these are overpriced, but so useful that I require them.

Yes, there are phone apps that are supposed to emulate clickers, but our experience with them so far has not been good. Get the real thing.

Atomic Scala

Atomic Scala, by Bruce Eckel and Dianne Marsh.

Available from the campus bookstore, or from


Scala For the Impatient

Scala for the Impatient, by Cay Horstmann

Available free online here.

I recommend this book for experienced programmers only.

Murach's Java Programming

Murach's Java Programming, 4th edition (or later), by Joel Murach.

The first three chapters are a good introduction to Java, while the rest of the book works well as a reference.

I have yet to find a Java book that is both good and lightweight. This one is pretty good.