CIT 591 Programming Languages & Techniques I
Fall 2010, David Matuszek

Date Announcements
December 31, 2010

Grades have finally been posted.

I have already received a number of complaints from students who believe they deserve an A, mostly from people in the lower third of the class. If you want your grade to be reconsidered, please be ready to point out significant errors in our grading, such as programs you submitted but for which you did not receive a grade. I am not willing to argue about a point here and a point there, which won't make any difference anyway. Besides, programs were graded very lightly this semester, and I'm sure I can find lots more points to take off for most of them.

The semester is over. Enjoy the holidays!

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Meeting times
Lecture MW 3:00-4:30 DRLB A2
Lab MCIT: F 3:00-4:30    Non-MCIT: 4:30-6:00 Moore 207
Beginner's section Discontinued  
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Whenever my door is open.
Specific office hours: 3:00-4:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays
Moore 176
Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00 Moore 100A
Tuesdays 5:00-6:00 Moore 100A
Thursdays 6:00-8:00 Moore 100A
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Date Lectures, Assignments, etc.
Sept 8 Welcome; Introduction to Python
Read Exploring Python, Chapter 1
Assignment Warm-up exercises, 01-Odds and Evens
Example (my solution to the first assignment)
Sept 13 Read Exploring Python, Chapter 2
Sept 15 Read Exploring Python, Chapter 3
Read Balanced Ternary
Assignment 02-Balanced Ternary Calculator
Example, (my solution to the second assignment)
Sept 20

Read Exploring Python, Chapter 4
Read Python Errata

Sept 22 PowerPoint Extreme Programming
Read All I Really Need to Know About Pair Programming I Learned In Kindergarten external link
Read 10 Ways to Kill Pair Programming external link
Pair Programming Video
Assignment 03-Three Musketeers
Example, (my solution)
Sept 27 Read Exploring Python, Chapter 5
Sept 29 Read Unit Testing (Python version)
Read Unit testing framework external link
Example, (as done in class)
Assignment 04-Squarlotrons
Oct 4 Read Exploring Python, Chapter 6
Oct 6 Read Exploring Python, Chapter 7
Assignment 05-War
Oct 11 Fall break
Oct 13 PowerPoint Sudden Java
Read From Python to Java
Assignment 06-Hammurabi
Oct 18 PowerPoint Class Structure
PowerPoint Information Hiding
Oct 20 PowerPoint JUnit
Assignment 07-Saddle Points
Oct 25 PowerPoint The Java API
PowerPoint Polymorphism
Oct 27 Quiz Midterm exam
Assignment 08-Battleship
Nov 1 PowerPoint Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Nov 3 PowerPoint Inner Classes
PowerPoint Exceptions
Assignment 09-Game Theory: Mixed Strategies
More information Mixed Strategy Examples
More information
Nov 8 PowerPoint Swing
Nov 10 PowerPoint Programming Style
PowerPoint Comment Style
Assignment Balanced Ternary Calculator
Nov 15 PowerPoint I/O
Nov 17 PowerPoint Numbers
PowerPoint Operators
Assignment Text Translator
Nov 22 PowerPoint Generics
PowerPoint Threads
Nov 24 Day before Thanksgiving. Unless someone insists, I will not hold class this day.
Nov 29 PowerPoint Applets
PowerPoint MVC
Dec 1 PowerPoint Animation
PowerPoint Uncommon Syntax
Assignment Frogger
Dec 6 PowerPoint Gender
Dec 8 PowerPoint Iterators
PowerPoint Java O-O Summary
Read Object-Oriented Concepts in Java
Dec 16, 3:00-5:00 Quiz Final Exam, DRLB A8 (not our usual classroom, which is A2)

PowerPoint A PowerPoint document, usually one of my lectures Assignment An assignment Software Software that will be useful in this course
Tutorial A tutorial More information Additional information about the assignment or topic official spec Official specification (always external link offsite)
Read An article; external link indicates offsite Example Example Quiz Quiz or exam