CIT 591 Language Translation Notes
Fall 2005, David Matuszek

In the assignment I said:

Write a class LanguageTranslator which the GUI will call (approximately) as follows:

LanguageTranslator translator =
      new LanguageTranslator(fromLanguage, toLanguage);
String translation = translator.translate(someText);

Notice that the translator object (of type LanguageTranslator) has all the information it needs to translate a String. It does not need to know what language the string is in, or what language it is translating to. It has an array of "fromLanguage" words, a corresponding array of "toLanguage" words, and a RuleSet object containing methods to do word rearrangement.

If your translator.translate method needs to know what language it is translating from, or what language it is translating to, you are not using interfaces correctly.

In the assignment I said:

Any word that is not found [in the dictionary] should be left "as is", untranslated.

Since you don't know the part of speech of such words, assume that they are not of type NOUN, VERB, or ADJ.

I didn't have time before class to include my "stub" class in the .zip file. If you still need it, you can download it from this link.

Do yourself a favor. Go to the Java API and look through the list of methods in the java.lang.String class (and maybe the java.lang.Character class as well). You can probably find some methods here to simplify the String processing in this assignment.