CIT 591 Using Eclipse
Fall 2004, David Matuszek

To import a project into Eclipse:

  1. Make sure all your .java files are together in a directory. The directory should be named after your project, for example, ComplexNumbers.
  2. Locate the Eclipse directory named "Workspace". Copy or move your project directory into this directory.
  3. In Eclipse, choose File --> New --> Project...
  4. Select a Java Project wizard and click Next>.
  5. For the Project Name, type in the name of your project directory. If you type it in correctly, Eclipse will notice that the directory already exists, and ask you: The specified external location already exists. If a project is created in this location, the wizard will automatically try to detect existing sources and class files and configure the classpath appropriately.
    1. If you are not using JUnit, you can click Finish.
    2. If you are using JUnit, you have to add it to your build path, so:
      1. Click Next>.
      2. Open the Libraries tab.
      3. Click Add External JARs...
      4. Choose org.junit_3.8.1 . It should be the last thing in your eclipse/plugins directory.