CIT 591 Textbooks
Fall 2004, David Matuszek

I have listed two textbooks for this course:

This is the "required" textbook.

I don't normally follow a textbook, so you need a book with good, clear explanations that you don't have to read in order, front to back. This is such a book.

Here is the Amazon link for this book ($40.49).

The book is also available online, or you can download it to your own computer. Do not print out the book using University resources--that is forbidden by University policy, and will get you into trouble. You can print it out on your own printer, but that would cost you more than if you just bought the book.

This is a recommended textbook.

Don't be put off by the fact that it doesn't look like a "serious" textbook. I'm not recommending it because it tries to be fun--I'm recommending it because it happens to be the best introductory Java book I have yet found.

Here is the Amazon link for this book ($27.96).