CIT 591 Results of Java Questionnaire and Pre-Test
Fall 2004, David Matuszek

    26 students are currently registered
    33 questionnaires were returned

Rate yourself: How good a programmer are you? (Check one.)
[3] Not at all [20] Did a little--once [10] Fairly good [0] Professional

What languages have you used? (Check all that apply.)
[13] Java [12] C++ [19] C [7] Javascript [20] Others: 6 VB, 5 PHP, others

Friday lab is in two sections: 3:00-4:00 and 4:00-5:00. Which can you attend? (Check one.)
[9] 3-4 only   [13] 3-4 preferred [7] don't care [4] 4-5 preferred [0] 4-5 only

Since this class is smaller than expected, and there are 38 seats in Moore 207, I will have one lab session at the originally scheduled time (3:00-4:30). The first lab session, which will just be to familiarize you with the setup here, will be shorter than this.

I need to schedule a help session for beginners (people who have done little or no programming before this). The best times for me are indicated below, but I'm fairly flexible. What are your preferences? (1=best, 5=worst.)
[16] I'm not a beginner [8] Thursday evenings [1] Fridays 11-12 [8] Fridays 2-3
[0] Other (please be specific):

This is a tie between Thursday evenings and Fridays 2-3. I don't know yet what I'll do about this, but in any event there is no help session this first week.

The highest score on the Java pre-test was 50%, and the average was 15.6%, so I don't think the beginners need to be too worried....