Textbooks for CIT 591 Programming Languages & Techniques I
Fall 2003, David Matuszek

The Elements of Java Style

by Allan Vermeulen, Scott W. Ambler, Greg Bumgardner, Eldon Metz, Trevor Misfeldt, Jim Shur, and Patrick Thompson

ISBN: 0-52177-768-2

This is a required textbook.

Computing with Java ™: Programs, Objects, Graphics
Alternate Second Edition

Art Gittleman

ISBN: 1-57676-074-X (1024 pages)

This is a recommended textbook.

No assignments will be made that require you to have this particular textbook. If you have another Java book that you would prefer, it should cover at least Java 1.2 and the AWT.

Another excellent book is Thinking In Java, by Bruce Eckel, which is available free on the web. You may not, however, download it and print it out on University printers--that is a misuse of University resources, and could get you into real trouble.