CIT 591 Assignment 6: Lunar Lander, Revisited
Fall 2003, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment:

General idea of the assignment:

This assignment is to write an Applet that lets users play your Lunar Lander game. As before, the game progresses in a series of turns (that is, it is not animated). You can use as much or as little of your previous code as you like. In fact, if you prefer, you can take my example code (two files: and and use those as a starting point.


This is a solo assignment, to make sure that everyone gets some experience doing GUI programming. After this, we will (probably) return to pair programming.

You should provide a GUI with at least the following things in it:

You will find that creating a reasonable-looking GUI is perhaps the most challenging part of the assignment. Remember: Use additional Panels to help arrange space. BorderLayout is your friend, but you may also want to use GridLayout or FlowLayout for some of your Panels. Remember also that the AWT doesn't give you a lot of control, so you will probably have to settle for a GUI that looks "good enough" rather than really classy.

Due date:

Your program is due before midnight, Thursday, November 6. Zip up all files (.java, .class, and any extra files produced by BlueJ, such as .pkg and .pkh files), and submit via Blackboard. Note that this time you also need to include the .html file; this can be the one produced by BlueJ, or one that you have created.

Special note:

If you did not do well on the Traffic Jam assignment, here is a chance to at least partially make up for it. In addition to writing the above assignment as an Applet, also write it as an application. You can use the same GUI as in your Applet, but you should also have a way to quit the program--either with a "Quit" button, or by clicking the window's close box, or (preferably) both.

Here are the special grading considerations for this make-up assignment: