CIT 591 Old Announcements
Fall 2002, David Matuszek

December 11, 2002 Warning: One of my students has received an email with an attachment from I use this email address, but I have not sent any email with attachments. If you receive such an email, the attachment may be a virus--do not open it.
December 10, 2002 When you study for the final exam, please pay special attention to the Java O-O Concepts page and be sure you know and understand all that material.
December 10, 2002 For students still interested in seeing a model version of the Rabbit class, I've posted Jack Yang's version, which has a 99% survival rate (as compared to my own 96%).
December 5, 2002 I've posted by version of the Language Translation program as a web page and as a zip file.
December 5, 2002 I've added some more Notes on Debugging Applets, including an example applet as HTML and in a zip file. I hope you find these helpful.
December 5, 2002 Snow is rather heavier than expected, and I will not be in today. I will be on line. The due date for the final program is hereby moved from Friday before midnight to Sunday before midnight.
December 4, 2002 The final exam will be Wednesday, December 18, 11AM-1PM, in Moore 216 (not in our usual classroom).
December 4, 2002

I've added some Notes on the Wator Assignment.

After spending most of the evening helping students, I now have a better idea of where some of the worst problems are coming from (mostly with not getting the display to update properly). I will post some (hopefully helpful) advice shortly, so if you are having a lot of trouble, especially with the display, watch this page for further information.

November 27, 2002 MCIT students (only): We will have an MCIT pizza party Friday, December 13, from 1:30 to 3:30 in the Raisler Lounge, Towne 2nd floor. Come and have some free pizza and see which of your classmates are in the MCIT program.
November 26, 2002 There is a problem with the MVC example on the slides that I have not yet had time to track down and fix. However, there is a working MVC example with a downloadable zip file that you can use instead.
November 24, 2002 There will be no class Wednesday, November 27, nor assistance in the lab the following day. Instead, there is a reading assignment: The Elements of Java Style, chapters 1 to 5, up to but not including the section on "Concurrency." This material will be on the final exam.
November 24, 2002 I am told that Internet Explorer on the PCs in Towne has now been updated so that it can handle Java 1.4 applets, such as my Regular Expression Test Applet.
November 20, 2002 I will no longer be holding the Friday help sessions.
November 20, 2002

As I don't have the next assignment ready, you can have an extra day on the Regular Expression assignment. New due date is Thursday, November 21, before midnight.

The next assignment will be posted soon, and will be due December 4. This will be a full week plus a bit, not counting the Thankgiving holiday days.

November 19, 2002 I've posted some clarifications for the translation assignment.
November 19, 2002 The Regular Expression Test Applet does not currently work in the browsers in the Windows labs in Towne. This is because it requires Java 1.4 (the first version to support regular expressions). Java 1.4 is installed on those computers, but the browsers don't use it. I've asked "manager" to look into the problem.
November 14, 2002

This Regular Expression Test Applet should help you understand regular expressions.

For the eighth assignment, I have posted an example dictionary and text to be translated. If time permits, I will post additional examples.

November 13, 2002 The Eighth Assignment (Translation) has been posted, along with a class that you can use with it. I will post some test files shortly.
November 12, 2002 Check this page if you are having Problems with Lists.
November 8, 2002
  • Here are the Answers to the Midterm.
  • Here are the Approximate Preliminary Grades, based on the midterm and the first four assignments, so that you have a somewhat better idea of where you stand in the class. I will update this page as frequently as I can manage.
November 14, 2002

This Regular Expression Test Applet should help you with understanding regular expressions.

Here is some sample data for your seventh assignment: a dictionary and some text to be translated. I may provide additional examples later, if time permits.

November 6, 2002 The Seventh Assignment has been posted.
November 5, 2002 The date for the sixth assignment has been moved to Wednesday, November 6, before midnight. In addition, I have posted some clarifications to the assignment.
November 4, 2002 Up until now, my labs have been Tuesday 12-1 for CIT591, Thursday 11-12 for CIT597. Since neither has been very busy, I'm going to combine them; students in either class may come to either or both labs. In other words, labs for any of my students will be Tuesday 12-1 and Thursday 11-12.
November 1, 2002

Correction: In player.use(), change the line
      return ((Key)thing).use(this, location);
     return thing.use(this, location);

Also, I apparently haven't emphasized this enough: You can make any changes you like in my program. You are not restricted to changing certain classes or methods. So long as your program is recognizably derived from mine, that's fine.

October 29, 2002 The Sixth Assignment and its associated zip file have been posted.
October 25, 2002 I have added two sections to the Java O-O Concepts page, "Interfaces and abstract classes" and "Inner classes." These concepts will not be on the midterm. Other additions are minor and not important.
October 23, 2002 The final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18, 11:00AM-1:00PM.
October 21, 2002 I really hate to re-use old assignments, but in this case I did. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to remove my solution to RabbitHunt from the Web (it's gone now). If you found this solution, you are not allowed to use it in any way. Don't use pieces of it, either. If you do, that will result in an automatic F for the course.
October 21, 2002 As many of you noticed, I had forgotten to move the MotionPicture web page and zip file to my public HTML area. They're there now. Really.
October 18, 2002 The Fifth Assignment has been posted. It is due Friday, October 25.
October 17, 2002 The Tuesday lab sessions in Moore 207 have been moved an hour later, to 12:00-1:00.
October 17, 2002 I've added my version of the MotionPicture assignment, both as a web page and as a zip file.
October 17, 2002 Good news! The good folks at Monash University have posted BlueJ 1.2.2. This version fixes the most serious problems with the debugger (it's still not perfect, but it's again useable). I've asked that 1.2.2 be installed in all the labs as quickly as possible; I strongly recommend that you install it on your own computers.
October 17, 2002 The revised due date for Assignment 4 is Thursday, October 17, before midnight. After that, the usual 10 points per day penalty applies. Assignment 5 will be posted as soon as possible, and you will have at least a week to work on it.
October 17, 2002 To help you study for the midterm, I've written a very concise paper on Java Object-Oriented Concepts. (If you thought there was a lot to learn, this paper proves you were right.)
October 15, 2002 I've added my version of the Fractions assignment, both as a web page and as a zip file. The MotionPicture program will be posted shortly.
October 15, 2002 On the GroceryStore example page, I've added a link to a zip file containing my BlueJ GroceryStore project (for those of you that want to try out the program).
October 15, 2002 Midterm exam will be Monday, October 28.
October 10, 2002 In case you didn't notice it down there, the Grocery Store example was posted in with Wednesday's lecture.
October 10, 2002 Required reading for this and future assignments.
October 10, 2002 Reduction in late penalties for Assignment 3, which was due Wednesday, October 9:
If in by Thursday midnight, 5 points off; if by Friday midnight, 5 more points off; after that, 10 additional points off per day (as usual).
October 10, 2002 Help session change: Contrary to what I said in class (without adequate time to think about it), I will not be having a help session this Friday. There is an all-day faculty retreat I need to attend. Instead, I will try to schedule the help session on Monday, Oct. 14, right after class. The room number is yet to be determined.
October 9, 2002 The Fourth Assignment has been posted.
October 1, 2002 The version of the assignment that is now on the Web is (to the best of my knowledge) correct. Also, thanks to the people who pointed out that I was printing the percent error incorrectly.
September 30, 2002 I have now added to that same additional page because it was apparently confusing when I said "For N = 1, 2, 3, ....Compute N denominators...With these N denominators, calculate...." I hope this addition helps to clarify the assignment.
September 30, 2002 I have now posted an additional page on the assignment; it describes a "correction to the correction" (sorry!) and gives an example of what good output might look like.,
September 26, 2002 I have updated my page on Using Zip Files and Blackboard to explain how to create zip files under Linux.
September 26, 2002 SEAS 150-year birthday party 4:30 - 7 pm, Wynn Commons.
September 25, 2002

There is an error in the algorithm I gave you for the second assignment (you end up with the inverse of the fraction you want). If you have already printed out the assignment, replace the lines:

      numerator = 1;
      temp = 0;
      denominator = numerator;
      numerator = (numerator * last-unused-denominator) + temp;
      temp = denominator;
      numerator = 1;
      denominator = 0;
      temp = numerator;
      numerator = denominator;
      denominator = (numerator * last-unused-denominator) + temp;
I have made the correction in the assignment on the Web.
September 24, 2002 Java 1.4 applets and Blackboard now both work in Moore 207--but you have to use either Mozilla or the new Netscape (which you start by typing netscape-6.2.3 into the Terminal window). Neither one works under the default Netscape (the one you get by clicking on the icon).
September 24, 2002 Second assignment has been posted. Also, made a minor correction this morning (I had forgotten to multiply by 100 when computing the percentage error.)
September 16, 2002 New page on Using Blackboard (and zip files).
September 16, 2002

Start-of-semester woes:

  • If you are running BlueJ 1.2.x and Java 1.4.x on your own computer, you should be able to step through the tutorial without any problems.
  • If you are using the Windows computers in Towne, they have an older version of BlueJ; that will be OK for the first few assignments, but there may be more differences from the manual.
  • If you are using the Linux computers in Moore 207, the files are read-only, and you can't do many of the tutorial steps. Open a terminal window, make sure you don't already have a directory named examples, and type this command:   cp -r /usr/local/bluej/examples . (the period at the end is part of the command). Now use BlueJ on the files in this new directory.
September 13, 2002 BlueJ and Netscape 6.2.3 are installed on the Linux machines in Moore 207, but have no icons. To run them, double-click on the terminal icon, , and type either bluej& or netscape-6.2.3&.
September 13, 2002 Extra CIT591 session today at 3:00 in Towne 311 for students who have not previously done much programming. Other MCIT students are also welcome.
September 11, 2002 Corrected the URLs on the slides for obtaining Java 1.4 and documentation:
September 10, 2002 A request: When you send me email about this course, please begin the Subject: line with CIT591. For general email about the MCIT program, please begin the Subject: line with MCIT. I get so much email that things get lost pretty easily; I think this will be a big help. Thanks.
September 9, 2002

I will have a lab tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 10), 11:00-12:00 in Moore 207. However, as there is not yet an assignment, I don't really expect anyone to show up; I'll be testing the installed software and making sure everything is ready. If you want to take a preliminary look at Linux, feel free to come on by.