CIT 591 Programming Languages & Techniques I
Fall 2002, David Matuszek
3:00-4:30 MW, Towne 311
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 Regular class MW 3:00-4:30 Towne 311 Textbooks and software
 Help session F 3:00-4:30 Towne 311 MCIT schedule
 Lab session T 12:00-1:00 Moore 207 Last year's CIT591
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MW 4:30-5:30 Pender 134 Using Zip Files and Blackboard
TTh 3:00-4:00 Pender 329A Academic Integrity Policy
F 1:00-3:00 Moore 207  


December 18, 2002 Final exam with answers
Java program from first page of exam (zip file)
Java program from last page of exam (zip file)
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Date Lectures, Assignments, etc.
September 9, 2002 Welcome to MCIT
September 11, 2002

Getting Ready for Java
A First Applet
First Assignment (Drawing)
A Brief Introduction to BlueJ (not covered in class)

September 16, 2002 Introduction to Primitive Types
Using Objects
Using Blackboard
September 18, 2002

Simple Control Structures
Example: Fibonacci Numbers (not covered in class)
Style Rules I

September 23, 2002 Introduction to Classes and Methods (up to class variables)
Second Assignment (Fractions) -- due Oct. 2
My version of Fractions as web page and zip file
More About the Second Assignment
September 25, 2002 Numbers and Arrays
More Control Structures
September 30, 2002 Basic Object-Oriented Concepts (up to method overriding)
October 2, 2002 Third Assignment (Moving Pictures) -- due Oct. 9
My version of MovingPictures as web page and zip file
October 7, 2002 Methods (up to defining a method)
October 9, 2002 Object Example (GroceryStore)
GroceryStore example as web page and zip file
Fourth Assignment (Bridge Hand) -- due Oct. 17
October 14, 2002 Naming conventions
Namespaces, Scope, and Access
October 16, 2002 Polymorphism
Fifth assignment (RabbitHunt) -- due Oct. 25
Zip file for RabbitHunt
October 21, 2002 The Java API
The Rabbit Hunt
Model solution for Rabbit Hunt
October 23, 2002 All the Operators
October 28, 2002 Midterm Exam
Sixth Assignment (Adventure) with zip file-- due Nov. 6
Clarifications to the Adventure Assignment
October 30, 2002 Java O-O Concepts
Event Loops
Building a GUI
Widgets (Components) Example Code
November 4, 2002 Layout Managers
Inner Classes
November 6, 2002 Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Seventh Assignment (Adventure GUI) -- due Nov. 13
November 11, 2002

Characters and Strings
Regular Expressions
Regular Expression Test Applet

November 13, 2002 Exceptions
Eighth Assignment (Language Translation)
Eighth Assignment Clarifications
Example dictionary and example text passage
November 18, 2002 Arrays
November 20, 2002 Vectors
Strings, StringBuffers, and StringTokenizers
November 25, 2002 Applets
Ninth Assignment (Wator)
An MVC Example with a downloadable zip file
December 2, 2002 Which is better?
December 4, 2002 Simple Java I/O
December 9, 2002  
December 18, 2002 Final Exam 11AM - 1PM (Comprehensive!)