CIT 591 Textbooks and Software
Fall 2002, David Matuszek


Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, Updated (With CD-ROM) by John Lewis, William Loftus.
Addison-Wesley Publishing; ISBN: 0201781298; 3rd edition (July 26, 2002) .
This is a very good book, but it's expensive, and it is not required. I do recommend that you have some Java textbook to study from, and one that covers the new features in Java 1.4 (the assert statement, regular expressions) would be best.
This is a recommended textbook.

The Elements of Java Style by Al Vermeulen (Editor), Scott W. Ambler, Greg Bumgardner, Eldon Metz, Alan Vermeulen, Trevor Misfeldt, Jim Shur, Patrick Thompson.
ISBN: 0521777682.
It's cheap. It's good. It's required. Buy it.
This is a required textbook.

Essential Java 2 Fast: How to Develop Applications and Applets With Java 2 (Essential Series) by John Cowell.
Springer Verlag; ISBN: 1852330716; 2nd Updtd edition (August 1999)
If you are an experienced programmer, especially if you are familiar with O-O concepts, this book probably is more suitable for you than the above Lewis & Loftus book. It does not, however, cover the new Java 1.4 extensions. I have not ordered this book from the campus bookstore, so you will have to find it on your own (for example, from Amazon).
This is a recommended textbook for experienced programmers.


All necessary software will be available in the computer labs. To use your own computer, you will need to install the following (free) software and documentation:

Note: The above software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, except that Java 1.4 is not yet available for MacOS X. Java 1.3.1 is sufficient for most assignments, and Java 1.4 may be available for MacOS X 10.2 by the time we need it.