CIT 591 Programming Languages & Techniques I
Previous Announcements

December 7, 2001 I have updated your Probable Grade on Blackboard to include Assignments 1 through 7 (sorry, assignments 8 and 9 have not all been graded) and Quizzes 1 through 5.
Before, the highest grade I used was A; this time, I've added A+ as a possible grade. I cannot actually give plus and minus grades; the plusses and minuses are for your information only, to let you know whether your grade is a very high one (and you could reach the next letter grade), or a very low one (so that you are in danger of slipping a grade).
December 5, 2001 On Monday, December 10, I will start with a brief lecture. Following that will be Quiz 6, which will cover the last three lectures (State Machines, Strings etc., Serialization, Threads, Stacks). After I collect Quiz 6, I will give the Makeup Quiz, which will be both difficult and comprehensive.
December 5, 2001 I have added some more notes to the Notes on Syntax Coloring, including comments on a test file.
November 26, 2001 Because I have accidentally posted inconsistent dates for the next quiz, it will be given on the later of the two dates, that is, Monday, December 3.
November 20, 2001 I have added to Blackboard a listing entitled "Probable Grade." Here is an explanation of what that means.
November 9, 2001 I've hopefully improved some of the explanations in the Eighth Assignment; the assignment itself hasn't changed any.
November 9, 2001 Poor wording in Calculator assignment. I said, "In the init() method, create the TextField and the Buttons you will need." I should have said to define them in the init() method. As you know, any variables declared in a method are strictly local to that method, so these components need to be declared as fields of the Calculator class--they can be defined at the same time, or in init(). My apologies to those students for whom this was a problem.
November 7, 2001 Another bug report (sigh!). In my CalculatorChip class, the sequence 5/= will cause the calculator to hang. I have posted a fixed version of CalculatorChip, if you are interested. You do not need to download this minor revision; we are not testing your program for my bugs.
November 7, 2001 In case you haven't already noticed, the Eighth Assignment was posted to the web this morning.
November 6, 2001 Schedule change: As classes end on December 10, our final quiz will be on December 10, not December 12 as originally scheduled.
November 6, 2001 Calculator assignment: (1) Please turn in the entire zipped BlueJ project to Blackboard. (2) It is OK to use different components than those mentioned in the assignment if you like (for example, a Label for the display, or a CheckboxGroup for the base).
November 2, 2001 Added a few more hints to the Calculator assignment page.
November 1, 2001 One last bug fix, so we're now up to This only affects hunts where number of rows != number of columns.
October 30, 2001 There is a final version of RabbitHunt. If you experienced the Illegal call by fox bug, you should download this version; other changes are minor.
October 29, 2001 Due date on Rabbit Hunt has been extended from noon, Oct. 31 to midnight, Oct. 31.
October 26, 2001 PLEASE READ AND USE the latest and greatest version of RabbitHunt.
October 26, 2001 I finally got around to figuring out how to use PowerArchiver to zip files. My notes are on the Blackboard page.
October 24, 2001 Here are the answers to the second quiz.
October 17, 2001 The sixth assignment (RabbitHunt) is ready.
October 17, 2001 Assignment Amnesty. If you have not turned in one or more previous assignments (up through assignment 5), you can turn them in without penalty any time before NOON, Wednesday October 24. After that time, there will be a penalty for all late programs.
October 15, 2001 I finally got around to setting up a newsgroup. It's upenn.cis.cit591.
October 15, 2001 I have a report of a problem with LineReader. My page of Notes on Caesar Cipher discusses this issue.
October 11, 2001 Reminder: Fall Term Break. No lab Friday, October 12. No office hours, either--I'll be at an all-day faculty retreat.
October 10, 2001 The fifth assignment is ready.
October 10, 2001 Here are the answers to the first quiz.
October 9, 2001 I have added a page Tips on using the Calendar class.
October 8, 2001 I plan to give a short quiz every second Wednesday from now on; Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, and Dec. 12.
October 5, 2001 I have updated my page on using Blackboard, but more work still needs to be done on it.
October 3, 2001

• Yi Chen's office hours are now M 5:00-6:30 in Pender 122. Both the time and the place have changed.
• The fourth assignment is now available.
• Here are brief instructions for using Blackboard (more will be posted soon).

October 2, 2001 I've posted an example program that shows various kinds of access (and failed access) to variables. You can download it as a complete zipped BlueJ package or as individual files 1, 2, and 3.
October 2, 2001 Here are a number of additional (hopefully helpful) Notes on Assignment 3.
October 1, 2001 • I've added an example card game here. I will write some additional comments shortly.
• The third homework will be due this Friday. I will still hand out the next assignment on Wednesday.
September 28, 2001

I totally forgot to say that your third assignment should produce output! Print out what the program is doing as it goes along. For example, each time a card is dealt, my version of the program prints out what the card is and who gets it. At the end, the program prints out each player's total score and who the winner is.

September 28, 2001 There will be a (hopefully) short quiz next Wednesday, October 3.
September 25, 2001 Please turn in your second homework on a floppy. (I don't like floppies either, but I haven't yet determined the best way for you to turn in homework. Sorry.)
September 25, 2001 New lab! Towne 142, same time (Fridays 12:00 - 1:30).
September 24, 2001 I made an error in the definitions of "package" and protected. The error has been corrected in the slides on the web.
September 19, 2001 • Please note that there is a Second Java Assignment, due next Wednesday.
• I have added a BlueJ Notes page.
September 18, 2001 Office hours for TAs:
     Yi Chen, Monday 1:30-3:00, Pender 129
     Yongdong Zhao, Wednesday 10:30-12, Pender 132
September 17, 2001 If you cannot get BlueJ to run properly, here is a page on Doing Without BlueJ.
September 17, 2001 New room! Heilmeier Hall, 100 Towne building.
No one else needs to drop CIT 591--if you are trying to add the course, please see me as soon as possible.
I'm still working on solving the problems with the lab.
September 17, 2001 If you left a book in the CIT 591 classroom, please come see me and claim it.
September 14, 2001 If you were unable to access the assignment earlier, that was my fault. The problem has been fixed.
September 14, 2001 There is an online Eniac User's Guide with some information for UNIX beginners (the computers in Moore 100B log in to Eniac).
There are also a number of UNIX tutorials available at (Hint: since BlueJ provides a simple editor, you don't need to learn about vi or emacs. At least, not just yet.)