CIT 590 Late Policy
  Fall 2016, David Matuszek


Unless otherwise noted, each assignment will be due at midnight Tuesday. For those students working late, and unable to meet the midnight deadline, there will be a grace period not to exceed 6 hours (that is, it could be as late as 6AM Wednesday). Late points will not be taken off for this period.

Each program will be worth 100 points. Late programs will be penalized 5 points per day, midnight to midnight. The grace period does not apply to late programs.

Late programs will be accepted for at least 7 days past the due date. Beyond 7 days, at our convenience, we will disallow further program submissions. This will typically happen when all of the already-submitted programs have been graded.

Special rule for first assignment

Some students will join the class late, and will need extra time to complete the first assignment. I do not have any reasonably convenient way of knowing who those students are. Therefore, this same rule will apply to all students.

On the first assignment only, there will be a grace period of seven days (168 hours). Beyond that time, late points will apply from the original due date. Hence, for programs submitted after the grace period, the minimum deduction will be 8x5 = 40 points.

No further accommodations will be made for students joining the course beyond the second week.