CIS 554 Adventure Games
Fall 2016, David Matuszek

Student Games

Escape from the Island
You are stuck on an island, and you need to get home before you lose your sanity completely!
Escaping La Cathedral
You are Pablo Escobar and you are currently under attack at La Catedral- and you’re only option is to escape through the locked tunnel entrance (by getting the key from the combination-entrenched safe) or blowing everyone up by activating the bomb.
Knights who say Ni
Collect all the necessary information and items to get past the knights who say Ni!
Mason & Dixon
Join Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in settling the Penn/Calvert boundary dispute! (storyline inspired by Thomas Pynchon's novel Mason & Dixon).
Mythical Game
The game is a simple rpg where you must run a few errands to marry a princess. Quite standard.
On-Campus Recruiting
No description provided.
Pokemon is a role playing game where you travel regions to meet different pokemon, train with them and challenge trainers to become the best. While this game is a great simplification of the actual game, and may have bugs, it is still quite fun. Hope you'll enjoy it !!
Pokemon Red
The goal of the game is to explore the different cities and towns in the region and to battle all of the gyms in order to the champion at the Indigo Plateau before your rival, BLUE.
Quest for the Necronomicon
You are a wicked sorcerer looking to claim the Necronomicon. To do so, you must infiltrate the library of great mages and gather and assemble the components of the book.
Scary Space Adventure
An explorer lands at an alien artifact on an ice planet and seeks answers to bring home to Earth.
Series of Unfortunate Events (Penn edition)
It's the first day of Penn and you have no idea what you're getting yourself into...
Space Adventure
Space Adventure is a text adventure game based on a damaged spaceship. Find the key to open the escape pod door and win.
Super Building
The goal of this game is to enter the "Super Building" with the highest score possible, without dying!
Take Off!
The gateway pilot is missing and a mob of angry villagers are descending on the grounded plane and your life depends on flying out of there.
You find yourself on a creepy manor next to a haunted forest, defeat the beast of the night to win the game.