CIS 554 Prolog 1: Logic Puzzles
Fall 2016, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment

General idea of the assignment

Read and understand the following program:

Solve two standard (commercial) logic puzzles.



There are two similar programs in this assignment, worth 50 points each. You earn full credit for each program that produces the correct solution, half credit for a program that appears to run but produces an incorrect solution.

How can you tell if your results are correct? Just manually check whether the solution satisfies all of the conditions of the problem! (Checking a solution is much easier than finding one.)

Although unlikely, we reserve the right to deduct points if your style is egregiously bad.

Due date

Midnight Tuesday, September 8. Please zip up and turn in three files to Canvas--your two .pl files, along with a file containing the two solutions (copy from the output area and paste them into a text file).

Also see the late policy, especially as it applies to this first assignment.