CIS 554 Adventure Games
Fall 2014, David Matuszek

In alphabetical order; links are to .pl (or .pro) files. Try some!
Amnesty Treasure
You are a resident of an underwater city who gets banished for insulting the king. To win his forgiveness and return to the city you must find the lost treasure.
Beverly Hills Thief
The objective of this game is to steal Paris Hilton's Hermes bag and then escape the house by driving her car.
You are a prisoner locked in your cell and your mission is to escape the prison before you are caught or pass out from exhaution.
Chocolate Adventure
Explore surrounding area, defeat the witch and find lots of chocolate for your friends.
Castle Escaping
You're trapped in a castle, trying to solve all puzzles and find out clues and items to escape from the castle. (And by the way hunt some treasure).
Dangerous Waters
Race against time to disarm a bomb on a Cruise Ship!
A Day At School
Can you successfully get to lunch period without failing out?
A Doha Dilemma (based on real events)
This game follows the story of a trumpeteer who is trying to get to a gig he is very late for in a foreign country.
Dragon Fire
In this game you play a warrior that tries to kill a dragon and bring the crown back to the town by trying to obtain a sword and get it enchanted by a magical unicorn.
An adventurous game where you have to enter the earth from mercury, taking fire and offering it to the dragon that protects earth.
Finding Nemo -- PDF
An adventure game where you (Marlin) are on a mission to rescue your son (Nemo) before the fishermen take him away.
Go Harry! Get the Philosopher's Stone!
Enter the magical world of Hogwarts by casting spells, brewing potions, turning invisible, rescuing friends and fighting evil in retrieving the Philosopher’s Stone.
The Game of Throne
Player has to get resources from first 3 kingdoms before getting the throne from The capitol.
A Grad Student's First 45 Minutes in Philly
No description.
The House that Stief Built
You must enter the stadium and find your seats.
How I met your Mum
Ted wants to propose Robin! All he needs is a blue french horn, suit up and find a hidden ring! Lets join Ted in his adventure and find out how he met his kids' mother!
Legendary Heroes
This adventure game is that you control a hero to explore an adventurous world, to find treasures, to solve puzzles and to attack different creatures to earn experience and money so that you can upgrade and buy equipments to make the hero stronger for the purpose of defeating the Hydra.
Look Before You Leap
Go on a quest to find the magic crown, inspecting things might be helpful.
A Morning After a Party
You wake up in a living room after a party, and realize that you have to drive out of your garage in 10 minutes to make it to a date with your girlfriend on time.
Out of Inferno
You are trapped in a locked room and what makes things worse is that the door is locked, so you have to find a way to escape in limited time.
Drive your car to the downtown and have a fantastic weekend!
Rainforest Escape
This game is an escape from a rainforest prison.
Rescue Operation
The princess has been taken away to a secret chamber by your enemy. The journey is destined to be dangerous and threatening! But you must
conquer it and rescue your lovely princess.
Rescue Princess
You are a brave and smart knight living in Kingdom of Peace. Your Kingdom's princess was took away by the Devil Monster living in the Lost Land. The king of your kingdom give you the mission to rescue the princess. Your goal is kill the devil monster and rescue princess.
The Retriver
The Retriver is a game where you are a kid finding and retrieving items for individuals (in the spirit of tomb raider/uncharted) while avoiding mean dogs.
The Sims
This is a heavily stripped down and mock up version of the all time favourite PC game the Sims series. The goal of the game is to elavate your mood to 100.
Space Escape
You wake up in the Engine Room of a spaceship, injured, and have to find a way to destroy the ship and escape.
SpaceJam [reference to the movie]
In order to be really good at basketball, you have to have your 'secret stuff', which is in a water bottle that has to be filled up; so go find the secret stuff in the locker, fill it up in the bathroom_sink, and get to the game in time to win!
Space Race
First one to bring their moonrocks to Saturn wins!
Treasure Hunt
No description.
The Wizard of Oz
You play as Dorothy, a girl from Kansas who gets teleported to the magical world of Oz when a hurricane hits your home. You befriend various characters along the