Scala Assignment 0: Guess My Number
Fall 2011, David Matuszek

Purposes of this assignment


Install Scala on your laptop or home machine.

Prepare your IDE or favorite editor for Scala. I highly recommend the Scala plugin for Eclipse; it's very good.

Implement the Guess My Number program in Scala. You know the one; it goes like this:

Welcome to
     *** GUESS MY NUMBER! ***
I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What do you think it is?
Too low! Guess again.
Too high! Guess again.
Too high! Guess again.
Too low! Guess again.
Congratulations! You only needed 5 tries to guess my number!
Would you like to play again? 

Due date

Monday November 7. But don't turn it in; this is a trivial warm-up program.