CIT 594 Eclipse Tips
David Matuszek

Choosing a font

Go to Window --> Preferences... --> General --> Appearance --> Colors and Fonts --> Java --> Java Editor Text Font and click Change....

Here's what you want in a font:

Courier or Courier New is generally OK. In Moore 207, I like bitstream vera sans mono at 10 point.

Typing support

Go to Window --> Preferences... --> Java --> Editor --> Typing and check everything. Then try some editing and see if you like the way it behaves. Give it a chance--don't reject it immediately just because it's different.

Hint: Some things, like putting open braces at the end of a line, can be undone by hitting the backspace key.

Automatic file saves

When I run a program, I don't like always having to say yes, save the files first. To avoid this dialog box, go to Window --> Preferences... --> Run/Debug --> Launching and under Save required dirty editors before launching, choose Always. Under General Options, check Build (if required) before launching.