Eclipse Preferences
David Matuszek

Eclipse has a large number of preference settings under Window → Preferences... (a few are duplicated under Project → Properties). Here are some of my recommended settings. You should take the time to look over the other settings and make your own decisions.

General → Appearance → Compare/Patch → General
Check Automatically save dirty editors before patching
Optional, but it's nice to have your saves happen automatically.

General → Editors → Text file encoding
This should normally be set to UTF-8, but is unlikely to cause problems if it is set to something else.

General → Editors → Text Editors
Check Show line numbers.

General → Startup and Shutdown
Check Refresh workspace on startup
This ensures that Eclipse recognizes any changes you have made outside of Eclipse.

General → Workspace
Check Build automatically and Refresh automatically and Save automatically before build.
Again, this is just so you don't have to manually save your files all the time.

Java → Refactoring Java Code
Check Save all modified resources automatically prior to refactoring
More automatic saves.

Java → Code Style → Formatter
Select a profile: Java Conventions [built-in]
You are required to follow Java formatting conventions, not C or C++ conventions, in this course. Eclipse will assist you, if you make the following modifications:
Click Edit..., then:

Java → Compiler
Compiler compliance level: 1.6
     This is the version you should be using. You can't use generics before Java 5.

Java → Compiler → Javadoc
Set all Javadoc problems to the Warning level, and check for missing Javadoc comments at the Default level.
You are required to have correct Javadoc for all public and package methods.

Java → Editor → Code Assist
You may want to Enable auto activation and set the delay to something you find comfortable.

Java → Editor → Typing
These are mostly self-explanatory. I like to have everything checked.

Run/Debug → Launching
I like to Build (if required) before launching and Always Save dirty editors before launching.