GART: Gaussian Articulated Template Models

Jiahui Lei1        Yufu Wang1        Georgios Pavlakos2        Lingjie Liu1        Kostas Daniilidis1,3

4min Video Intro+Results

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We introduce Gaussian Articulated Template Model GART, an explicit, efficient, and expressive representation for non-rigid articulated subject capturing and rendering from monocular videos. GART utilizes a mixture of moving 3D Gaussians to explicitly approximate a deformable subject's geometry and appearance. It takes advantage of a categorical template model prior (SMPL, SMAL, etc.) with learnable forward skinning while further generalizing to more complex non-rigid deformations with novel latent bones. GART can be reconstructed via differentiable rendering from monocular videos in seconds or minutes and rendered in novel poses faster than 150fps.