CIS 640 -- Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Mobile Computing

Spring 1998

Note: It was previously announced as CIS 642 -- Seminars in Distributed and Real-time Computing. It can registered as either CIS 640 or CIS 642. This course can be used as TCOM 670 for this semester only. 

Dates for presentations
Date Who Topic and paper of the presentation Slides*
Jan 13 Prof. Insup Lee Introduction to mobile computing G.H. Forman and J. Zahorjan, The Challenges of Mobile Computing   ps
Jan 15 Prof. Insup Lee Software Architecture for Mobile Computing ps
Jan 20 Prof. Insup Lee File Systems and Data Managment ps
Jan 22 Yerang Hur D. Eckhardt and P. Steenkiste, Measurement and Analysis of the Error Characteristics of an In-Building Wireless Network   ppt-slides, ps-slides
Jan 27 Prof. Jonathan Smith ABC Paradigm ppt-slides, ps-slides
Jan 29 Olaf Meyer C. Perkins, Mobile IP, IEEE Comm. Mag., May 97 ppt-slides, ps-slides (color), ps-handout(b&w)**
Feb 3, 5 Dr. Anna Philippou T. Thorn, Programming Languages for Mobile Code  ppt-slides, ps-slides, html-slides
Feb 10 Prof. Insup Lee Introduction to Real-Time Scheduling ps-slides
Feb 12 Pankaj Kakkar R. Milner, et al., A Calculus of Mobile Processes I & II
Feb 17, 19
Mike Hicks T. Jaeger and A. Prakash, Building Systems That Flexibly Download Executable Content (SP1) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Shawn Marlin S. Acharya, et al., Broadcast Disk Data Management for Asymmetric Communication Environments (DM5) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Goutham Rao  M. A. Butrico, et. al., Gold Rush: Mobile Transaction Middleware with Java-Object Replication (DM7) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Feb 24 Eric Messing P. Xuan, et al., Broadcast on Demand: Efficient and Timely Dissemination of Data in Mobile Environments (DM3)
Feb 26 Prof. Benli Pierce (U. Indiana, Bloomington) Join Calculus and Mobile Ambients
Mar 3,5
James Miani D. Hagimont and L. Ismail, A Protection Scheme for Mobile Agents on Java (SP2) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Vipul Sawhney B. C. Housel and D. B. Lindquist, WebExpress: a System for Optimizing Web Browsing in a Wireless Environment (AS3) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Suming Chen G. Welling and B. R. Badrinath, A Framework for Environment Aware Mobile Applications (PL2) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Mar 17, 19
Songwut Apirakkhit C. E. Perkins and D. B. Johnson, Mobility Support in IPv6 (NP4)
Moonjooo Kim D. S. Wallach, et al., Extensible Security Architecture for Java (SP4) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Qinhai Xia A. Carzaniga, Designing Distributed Applications with Mobile Code Paradigms (PL6) ppt-slides, ps-slides
All the students Project Proposal Presenstation
March 24, 26
Yerang Hur J. J. Kistler and M. Satyanarayanan, Disconnected Operation in the Coda file System (DM1)
B. Noble, et al., Agile Application-Aware Adaptation for Mobility (PL1)
ppt-slides, ps-slides
Mike Hicks L. Cardelli and A. D. Gordon, Mobile Ambients (FM3) ppt-slides, ps-slides
March 31 Olaf Meyer P. Pradhan and T.-C. Chiueh, Rether ppt-slides, ps-slides
April 7 Dr. Jong-Deok Choi (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) DejaVu - Deterministic Replay of Java Multithreaded Applications
April 9
Dr. Anna Philippou M. Hicks, et al., PLAN: A Programming Language for Active Networks (PL7) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Eric Messing R. Cacers and L. Iftode, The Effects of Mobility on Reliable Transport Protocols (MA1)
April 14
Shawn Marlin B. N. Schilit, et al., Customizing Mobile Applications (AS2) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Goutham Rao EMMA
April 16
Dr. Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Large Scale Active Middleware
James Miani N. Shivakumar, et al., Per-User Profile Replication in Mobile Environments: Algorithms, Analysis, and Simulation Results (DM2) ppt-slides, ps-slides
April 30
(225 Moore)
Suming Chen A.-R. Adl-Tabatabai, et al., Efficient and Language-independent Mobile Programs (PL4) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Qinhai Xia T. Imielinski and S. Viswanathan, Data on Air: Organization and Access (DM6) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Moonjoo Kim M. Hicks and J. T. Moore, PLANet: An Active Network Testbed ppt-slides, ps-slides
May 5
(321 Towne, 1:00 p.m.)
Pankaj Kakkar R. M. Amadio and S. Coupet-Grimal, Modelling IP Mobility (FM6)
Vipul Sawhney R. S. Gray, Agent Tcl: A Flexible and Secure Mobile-agent System (PL5) ppt-slides, ps-slides
Songwut Apirakkhit F. Teraoka, et al., VIP: A Protocol Providing Host Mobility (NP2)
All the students Final Project Presentation
* ps Postscript, ppt MS Powerpoint 
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