CIS 642 -- Seminar in Real-Time Computing - Spring 1997

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Important Dates

Instructor: Insup Lee; 262 Moore, 898-3532, lee@central

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to study fundamental and practical issues in developing reliable real-time systems. This course will cover some of the following topics on real-time systems: scheduling, operating systems, programming languages, communications, specifications, security, testing and analysis, fault-tolerance, safety analysis, formal methods, tools, applications, and case studies. Students will be expected to participate in class discussion, to present the summary of their independent readings to the class, and to carry out significant term projects.

The first part of this semester will be based on the drafts of two textbooks: "Real-Time Software Design" by Alan Shaw and "Real-Time Systems" by Jane Liu. The former deals more with systems and and software engineering issues, whereas the latter concentrates more on real-time scheduling. The second part will be on special topics to be determined such as real-time issues in mobile computing, multimedia systems, switchware, etc.

Note: This course can be taken again by students who took CIS 642 in previous years since there will not be much overlap in course materials.

Student presentations

The following is the schedule for the rest of the semester. Since your presentation can start earlier than it is scheduled, you should be ready to present at least one class earlier than shown in the schedule. You must bring the copy of your TPs to me for approval during my office hour. Since I may ask you to revise your TPs, you should do so in advance.

If your name is missing, please let me know immediately.

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