CSE 480/CIS 700: Real-Time and Embedded Systems

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Ever increasing availability of inexpensive processors connected by a communication network has motivated the development of numerous concepts and paradigms for distributed real-time embedded systems. The primary objectives of this course are to study the principles and concepts of real-time embedded computing and to provide students hands-on experience in developing distributed embedded applications. This course covers the concepts and theory necessary to understand and program distributed embedded real-time systems. This includes:

The lecture will cover a variety of existing systems and technologies as case studies, e.g., the MicroC kernel, the PICOS18 kernel, the Time-Triggered Architecture (TTA), FTT-CAN, sensor networks, Esterel, and Giotto. The lab provides the playground to learn by example what it really means to program an embedded system. After introductory exercises to get a full picture and get to know the hardware, we expect attendees to team up and solve future exercises together.



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