CIS 640 -- Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Electronic Commerce Systems

Spring 2000

Presentation Schedule
Date Who Topic and paper of the presentation Slides
Jan 17 Prof. Insup Lee Introduction intro.ppt, intro.pdf
Jan 19 Dr. Vijay Gehlot E-Commerce and Security security.ppt, security.pdf, picture.ppt, pictures.pdf
Jan 24 Dr. Oleg Sokolsky Internet Auction auction.ppt, auction.pdf
Jan 26 Prof. Insup Lee Overview of High Performance Servers scalability, scalability.pdf
Jan 31 Prof. Insup Lee Overview of Web Caching web-cache.ppt, web-cache.pdf
Feb 2 Stefan Miltchev, Emre Ucok Linux and E-commerce, Client/Server Development in Java linux.ppt, client_server.ppt
Feb 7 Ethan Guresh, Adam Kane, Jon Kaplan, Payment payment.ppt,
Feb 9 Swift, Heckathorn Payment payment.ppt,
Feb 14 CJ Jouhal, Gerald Caponera, Matt Inger Web Development Tools tool.ppt
Feb 16 Shu-Yuk Yeung, Yui Hwai Leung, Ngai Lau Load Sharing load.ppt
Feb 21 All Groups Project Design & Demo Presentations
Feb 23 Bong Ho Kim, Ji-Young Yi Performance Evaluation performance.ppt
Feb 28 Ting Piao, Ishtiaq Alam, Michael McDougall Middleware middle.ppt
Mar 1 Zhenjian He, Chuan Huang, Zhihui Hu Modeling of Web Application Designs modeling1.ppt, modeling2.ppt
Mar 6 Updated Project Design Report Due
Mar 8 Justin Turner, Dan Ignat Cryptography cryptography1.ppt, cryptography2.ppt
Mar 20 Ashish Kulkarni, Niranjan Ekbote, Sebastian Jayaraj Watermark watermark.ppt
Mar 22 Julie Russell at SCIENT Scalability in the real world scient.ppt
Mar 27 Maria Adamou, Dimos Anthomelidis, Stefan Miltchev Denial of Service Attacks ddos.ppt
Mar 29 Ok, Reddy, Yun Agents agent.ppt
April 3 Tseng, Chen, Skirtic Agents agent.ppt
April 5 Lin, Liu, Chen Jini jini_model.ppt, jini_arch.ppt, jini_lookup.ppt
April 10, 12 Yen-Lin Yin, Shan-Chih Chang, Andrew A. Anderson XML xml.ppt
April 17 Ma, Emre Ucok Firewall firewall.ppt
April 19 Group C, F, and H Project Demo Presentations -
  • Group C - Anderson, Chang, Chen, Tseng, Skrtic, and Yin
  • Group F - Caponera, Inger, and Jouhal
  • Group H - Kim, Yi, and Yun
  • Group C, Group F, Group H
    April 24 Group A, B, and E Project Demo Presentations -
  • Group A - Alam, McDougall, Piao, and Ucok
  • Group B - Guresh, Heckathorn, Kane, Kaplan, and Swift
  • Group E - Lau, Leung, Ma, and Yeung
  • Group A, Group B, Group E
    April 26 Group D, G, and I Project Demo Presentations -
  • Group D - Chen, He, Hu, Huang, Lin, Liu, and Ok
  • Group G - Adamou, Anthomelidis, Ignat, Miltchev, and Turner
  • Group I - Ekbote, Jayaraj, Kulkarni, and Reddy
  • Group D, Group G, Group I

    Last updated on May 10, 2000.