Logic and Computation at Penn

Welcome to the Logic and Computation Group at the University of Pennsylvania!

There is a rich and diverse history of the application of logic to the field of computer science. The work of logicians such as Turing and Gödel has had a profound influence on information science as we know it today. This interface between mathematical / philosophical logic and new technologies is now a very active and productive field of research. It is playing a crucial role in the development of new programming languages and architectures and is central to the development of methods for specifying and verifying the correctness of hardware and software. The field is rapidly expanding and has touched virtually every area of the emerging information technology.

The Logic and Computation Group is an interdisciplinary research group composed of faculty and graduate students from the Departments of Computer and Information Science, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Philosophy. The director is Peter Freyd.

The group meets weekly in the Logic and Computation Seminar (click to see schedules of talks and how to subscribe to the mailing list).

Some papers by members of the group can be found at the CIS ftp site or the CIS Technical Report Archive or as part of the IRCS Technical Report Series.

Members of the group participate in the Logic, Information, and Computation Program which offers undergraduate courses of study.

The Logic and Computation Group is closely connected with the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, a Research Center at Penn devoted to the pursuit of an understanding of the human mind and to the development of new technologies.

Associated Projects:

Systems Design Research Lab at the University of Pennsylvania
Database Research at Penn
Real-Time Systems Group at the University of Pennsylvania
The SwitchWare Project


Nate Ackerman (Mathematics)
Rajeev Alur (CIS)
Robin Clark (Linguistics)
Peter Freyd (Mathematics)
Jean Gallier (CIS)
Aravind Joshi (CIS)
Sampath Kannan (CIS)
Insup Lee (CIS)
George Pappas (EE)
Fernando Pereira (CIS)
Benjamin Pierce (CIS)
Andre Scedrov (Mathematics)
Oleg Sokolsky (Research faculty)
Val Tannen (CIS)
Henry Towsner (Mathematics)
Scott Weinstein (Philosophy)
Stephanie Weirich (CIS)
Steve Zdancewic (CIS)

Postdoctoral Fellows and Visitors:

Salvatore La Torre (CIS)
Jon Moore (CIS)
Madhusudan Parthasarathy (CIS)
Alan Schmitt (CIS)
Paulo Tabuada (CIS)
Li Tan (EE)

Graduate Students:

Dimosthenis Anthomelidis (CIS)
C G Arun (CIS)
Mikhail Bernadsky
Karthikeyan Bhargavan (CIS)
Ian Blumenfeld(Math)
Rohit Chadha (Math)
Swarat Chaudhuri (CIS)
Kyriakos Christou (CIS)
Vladimir Gapeyev (CIS)
Alwyn Goodloe (CIS)
Gunjan Gupta (CIS)
Yerang Hur (CIS)
Franjo Ivancic (CIS)
Aaron Jaggard(Math)
Pankaj Kakkar (CIS)
Michael Levin (CIS)
Michael McDougall (CIS)
Wonhong Nam (CIS)
Evren Sahin (CIS)
Usa Sammapun (CIS)
Raman Sharykin (Math)
Jason Simas (CIS)
Stephen Tse (CIS)
Geoff Washburn (CIS)
Zijiang Yang (CIS)

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Logic and Computation Group
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