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What's Tele-Graffiti ?

Tele-Graffiti is a system allowing two or more users to communicate remotely via hand-drawn sketches. What one person writes at one site is captured using a video camera, transmitted to the other site(s), and displayed there using an LCD projector.
Such a system has a variety of applications in teleconferencing and remote education (See example).
It also has a potential applications in human-computer interaction, using the paper as a combined display and input device (See example). The advantage of our system over other intelligent desktops ("Interacting with paper on the DigitalDesk" by P. Wellner, 1993) and white-boards ("MagicBoard: A Contribution to an Intelligent Office Environment" by D.Hall et al., 1999) is that the users are free to move the pieces of paper on which they are writing. In Tele-Graffiti, paper detection and tracking is based on real-time paper boundary detection. Naoya Takao, Simon Baker, Jianbo Shi, Iain Matthews, and Bart Nabbe are working together for this project.

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You can find the paper, which appeares in ICCV 2001 Proceedings, at the official web page (in PDF and PostScript.)