Penn-Fudan Database for Pedestrian Detection and Segmentation

1. Database description

This is an image database containing images that are used for pedestrian detection in the experiments reported in [1]. The images are taken from scenes around campus and urban street. The objects we are interested in these images are pedestrians. Each image will have at least one pedestrian in it.

The heights of labeled pedestrians in this database fall into [180,390] pixels. All labeled pedestrians are straight up.

There are 170 images with 345 labeled pedestrians, among which 96 images are taken from around University of Pennsylvania, and other 74 are taken from around Fudan University.

2. Sample images and labeled masks

PennPed00015   PennPed00071  
FudanPed00001;   FudanPed00009  

3. Browse all the images and labeled data here.

4. Download zipped file here. Zipped file size is around 51M, unzipped around 52M.

5. The annotation format is compatible with PASCAL Annotation Version 1.00. Also, you can download the toolkit here.

6. Related Publications

[1] Object Detection Combining Recognition and Segmentation. Liming Wang, Jianbo Shi, Gang Song, I-fan Shen. To Appear in ACCV 2007

6. Notice

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