Halley Young

halleyy at seas dot upenn dot edu

I am a PhD student at University of Pennsylvania. I work in the programming languages group. My research interests include the intersection of deep learning with programming languages, generative models of high-dimensional data with programmatic structure, and computer science and the arts, particularly music.

I am currently working on building models which leverage global structure to accelerate learning. For instance, current generative models for images work very well locally, but fail to capture structural properties of the entire image. Together with Professor Naik and Professor Osbert Bastani, I created a pipeline which uses program synthesis to generate more realistic images.

Images generated via program synthesis
Now we are working to apply the same methods to the musical domain.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about how to come up with computational models of creative domains, in particular music. Here are some questions I would like to answer:

Some sample generated music can be found here.

For my CV, click here.