CIS 450/550: Database & Information Systems (Fall 2020)

Prof. Susan Davidson,
Office hours: Tuesday 4-5
Location: Zoom
TA Roster: Click here

Lecture Coordinates:

MW 12:00-1:20Zoom

Recitation Coordinates (optional, starting 9/10-11) one of the following:

403Thu, 5:00-6:30 PMOnline TBD
404Fri, 12:00-1:30 PMOnline TBD

Course Description:

Structured information is the lifeblood of commerce, government, and science today. This course provides an introduction to the broad field of information management systems, covering a range of topics relating to structured data, from data modeling to logical foundations and popular languages, to system implementations. We will study the theory of relational data design; the basics of query languages; efficient storage of data, execution of queries and query optimization; transactions and updates; and "big data" and NoSQL systems.

Topics Covered:

Database design using ER modeling, relational algebra, SQL, views, relational design theory, indexing, transactions, query optimization, data import and munging, client-side & server-side Web development, NoSQL systems (MongoDB, Neo4j) and Map/Reduce.


Ramakrishnan and Gehrke, Database Management Systems, 3rd ed, McGraw-Hill


Six homeworks, weekly on-line quizzes and group exercises, two midterms, and a group project. Weekly recitations are optional but strongly recommended; students will work in groups on the exercises which will prepare them to do the homeworks.

Grading: TDB

Late Policy:

Late homeworks (up to 3 days) will be given half credit; after 3 days they will not be accepted. You are allowed three "free" late homeworks (no credit lost). No late quizzes or group exercises will be accepted.