The projects this year were terrific, showing creativity and thoughtful design. The TAs and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, and say kudos to all of you for the great work!"

- Susan B. Davidson


Students of the Fall 2015 Database and Information Systems (CIS 450/550) class were given a data set of Movies including IMDB, TMDB and Rotten Tomatoes data, and were asked to come up with inventive and interesting projects that explored database concepts learned in the course combined with basic web development, to produce a web app using the data. Developing the project exercised schema design, view based access control, cloud hosting, JSON data interchange, SQL queries, and performance considerations. They were also directed to use cloud storage with support provided by an AWS in Education Grant award.

The tools, languages and databases used included Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Django, AJAX, Java, Python, Twitter Boostrap, Jade, JQuery, JavaScript, Rails, Flask, Node.js and others. Students also integrated various available APIs such as Google Maps and Places, Facebook, Bing, QRCode, GeoCode Service and Twilio. There was data transformation from JSON to CSV to relational schemas and data visualizations from word maps to heat maps. There was natural language processing, sentiment analysis and MapReduce, as well as careful attention to aesthetics and design. All in all, there were some terrific projects, and some that were even better than others.

To recognize especially noteworthy projects, we have three special recognitions (Best Idea, Most Technically Challenging, and Best Presentation), and chose a best of each TA group. Here are our picks!

Best Idea


The best idea among all the fantastic ideas was from Team Talkie. Talkie is a web app developed for voice enabled search allowing people to speak to their computers thus simplifying the search process.

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Most Technically Challenging


The most technically challenging project was MovieFans. MovieFans is a movie social network which allows users to create and configure profiles, favourite movie genres, follow/unfollow other users and create/join/leave interest groups. Meanwhile, users are able to search movie information, share/review/like movies on movie pages and post status updates with friends. Also, users can tweet and tag people and others can get notifications.

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Best Presentation


The best presentation among all the teams was for the application MovieRadar. MovieRadar is a social network for movies using which users can follow and be followed by other users, like movies, and see the hottest movies (top movies) in each genre as well as the activities of people they are following.

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Best Projects under each T.A.

CHLL (Shashank)

CHHL is a database website designed for true movie lover. In addition to the basic search and data storage functions, this application provides aesthetic and convenient UI, efficient query service (​Mongo DB​), useful API (Bing, Twitter​) and customized information (Movie recommendation​). Most important of all, this application makes plain data “vivid” and “playable” by providing an online game​ “How many movies can you name from one backdrop image?”. The game is a timing trivia.

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MovieRadar (Aakriti)

A social network for movies using which users can follow and be followed by other users, like movies, and see the hottest movies (top movies) in each genre as well as the activities of people they are following.

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MovieGuessr (Kaushik)

The web application MovieGuessr allows users to play ’quiz’ games involving their favorite actors, by returning a set of hidden strings representing the movies each actor has acted in, and allowing users to guess what the names of the movies are, incrementally uncovering all the answers. The user now has to guess the movies that the selected actor has acted in by typing into the input box.

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WikiMovie (Aryaa)

Movie culture always plays an important role in our daily life. But sometimes, finding useful and detailed information about movies can be very inconvenient. The goal of this application is to make it easy and convenient for people to gather all information about movies and actors.

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Talkie (Yunchen)

We have all had a hard time remembering specific details of movies we have watched or want to watch in the future. Therefore, it was necessary to simplify the search process by allowing people to speak to their computers.
This application is a voice-enabled movie search web-app that displays results based on a user’s queries. This application will help simplify currently complicated movie search.

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Movie Junkies (Rakshita)

A Web based movie quiz application that is stimulating while at the same time socially engaging. Users can choose between different categories of quizzes and steps are taken to ensure the uniqueness of the quiz every time a user plays it.

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