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Val Tannen

val @ cis

Office Hours: By Appointment

Office Hour Location: See schedule

Teaching Assistants

Image of Kara Li

Winnie Dong

Head TA

wdong @ seas

OH: 5-6pm Wed, Fri

Image of Matthew Jortberg

Elyssa Chou

Head TA

eschou @ seas

OH: 8-9am Sun, Mon, Wed, Sat

Image of Alex Nikolov

Alex Nikolov

aenik @ sas

OH: 6-8pm Sun

Image of Ananya Singhal

Ananya Singhal

ananyasi @ seas

OH: 2-4pm Sun

Image of Claire Zhang

Claire Zhang

czhangz @ seas

OH: 5-6pm Tue, Thu

Image of Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris

frmorris @ wharton

OH: 12-2pm Sat

Image of Vishesh P

Vishesh Patel

visheshp @ seas

OH: 6-7pm Sat, Sun