Please see Canvas for homework write-ups.

Each homework assignment is due at 12:00PM EDT on the specified due date. You must submit a PDF copy online on both Gradescope and Canvas, unless otherwise specified.

All assignments must be typeset using LaTeX. We provide a customized LaTeX template for each homework that you must use. If you do not use the template, 5 percent will be deducted from your homework; you will receive a zero for any assignment not typeset using LaTeX.

When submitting to Gradescope, you must select the correct pages for each question. Failing to do so will also result in a 5 percent deduction.

Regrade Policy

Regrades are accepted until 12:00PM EDT the Monday after the homework is returned to you, unless otherwise specified. When considering a regrade request, we will consider the question holistically. This means that your grade may be adjusted up or down depending on its merits.

Regrades should be submitted through Gradescope after receiving TA endorsement prior to the request deadline. Please include which TA endorsed the request when submitting. Endorsements will be considered during office hours; no regrade requests will be endorsed over Piazza.

Late Policy

Homework is due at the specified time and no extensions will be granted, except in extenuating circumstances. Late submissions will receive a zero and there will be no dropped assignments. Family, medical, and personal emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the professor — please contact cis160 @ seas for any emergencies.