Each homework assignment is due at 9AM on the specified due date. You must submit a PDF copy online on Gradescope, unless otherwise specified.

All assignments must be typeset using LaTeX. We provide a customized LaTeX template for each homework that you must use. 5 points will be deducted from your homework if you do not use the template and there will be no credit for assignments that are not in LaTeX. 5 points will be deducted from your homework for a missing/incorrect name or recitation number.

When submitting to Gradescope, you must select the correct pages for each question. If you do not select the pages, 5 points will be deducted from your homework

Regrade Policy

Regrades are accepted until 4:00 PM the Friday after the homework is returned to you. When considering a regrade request, we will consider the question holistically. This means that your grade may be adjusted up or down depending on its merits.

Regrades will be submited through Gradescope. You must have a TA endorse your regrade request prior to the request deadline. Please include which TA endorsed the request when submitting.

Late Policy

We will allow you to drop one homework assigned on a Tuesday and one homework assigned on a Thursday (one 'T' homework and one 'H' homework). Because of this, we will not accept late homework under any circumstances. If you will be missing school for an extended period of time due to severe illness, please notify the professor.

Homework 4H

Released: September 19th

Due: September 24th at 9am

Homework 4T

Released: September 17th

Due: September 19th at 9am

Homework 3H

Released: September 12th

Due: September 17th at 9am

Homework 3T

Released: September 10th

Due: September 12th at 9am

Homework 2H

Released: September 4th

Due: September 10th at 9am

Homework 2T

Released: September 3rd

Due: September 5th at 9AM

Homework 1H

Released: August 29th

Due: September 3rd at 9AM

Homework 1T

Released: August 27th

Due: August 29th at 9AM