Welcome to the Fall 2020 iteration of CIS 160!

If you're new here, welcome!

We have a course Piazza page. It will be used for course announcements and Q&A.

We have a course Gradescope. It will be used for homeworks. If you are registered for the course, you will be enrolled in the course Gradescope closer to the start of classes.

Most questions should be directed to Piazza. However, if you need to get in contact with the course staff for an urgent matter, please email the head TAs at cis160@seas.upenn.edu.


The course will cover at least some of the following topics (not necessarily in this order and not all-inclusive). See lectures for additional information.


Your final grade will consist of:

  • 30% - Homework
  • 20% - Midterm 1
  • 20% - Midterm 2
  • 30% - Final

Your lowest two T homework scores and lowest two H homework scores will be dropped when calculating final scores.

You will be guaranteed a passing grade in the course if you meet both of the following conditions at the end of the semester:

  • Your average homework score (after dropping the lowest two T scores and lowest two H scores) is greater than or equal to 40%
  • On each exam (both midterm exams and the final exam), your score is greater than or equal to one standard deviation below the course average on that exam.

If you do not meet both of these conditions, you will not necessarily fail the course; however, there is no guarantee that you will pass. Professor Gandhi or the TAs will not be able to answer questions like “do I have a passing grade?” or “what score do I need on the final exam to pass?” at any point.

Collaboration Policy

For all of the assignments, there is a strict policy on collaboration. There is no collaboration on the homework assignments at all.

Any violation of this policy will be dealt with severely.


There is no required or recommended textbook for this course. A textbook that can be referred to for extra reading is ''Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction'' by E. A. Scheinerman.