CIS 110 Grade Calculator

This is meant as a way for students to check their standing in the course prior to the P/F deadline. After the P/F deadline, we will continue to maintain and update this page. The grade cutoffs have been established as of January 14, 2021 and are prorated to what we believe the cutoffs will be at the end of the semester. This in no way is a guarantee of your final grade in the course.

If you received extra credit on any homework, you should put in your score with that extra credit included. For example, if you got a 50/50 on hw02 but then got 1 point of extra credit, you should put 51.

Please note that we have built this to assume your course performance will not change. In other words, if you averaged a 85% on the first 5 homework assignments, we are implicitly assuming you will receive an 85% on the rest of the homework in our calculations.

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