CIS 110 {{FULL_TERM}} - Recitation Assignment and Change Requests

CIS 110 uses its own system for assigning recitations that is independent of PennInTouch. Our system allows us to make you get assigned a recitation you can attend, even if the course is full, and also to balance the number of students in each recitation so none is too large or too small.

[Update:] The deadline to request a recitation change for scheduling or an other reason is Saturday, Feb 8, 11:59pm. These requests will be processed in Sunday. The deadline to request a switch to a different length recitation is one week later: Saturday, Feb 15 11:59pm.

Please read the following information carefully; it covers many common questions about the CIS 110 recitation assignment system.

Late Penalty:

Tips and Notes:

Recitation Times and Rooms:

2-Hour recitations, designed for students with no prior experience at all who want extra time in recitation to go over concepts and work on structured programming exercise:

Rec.TimeRoom Rec.TimeRoom
201M 2-4Caster A17 204T 12-2Caster A19
202M 3-5Williams 301 205T 2-4Caster A19
203M 4-6Caster A17 206T 3-5DRL 4E9

1-Hour recitations, designed for students who have any prior programming experience at all and/or who feel comfortable with the course and would like to spend less time in recitation:

Rec.TimeRoom Rec.TimeRoom
207M 2-3Williams 5 213T 2-3McNeil 110
208M 2-3Williams 201 214T 2-3DRL 4E9
209M 5-6DRL 3C4 215T 3-4DRL 4E19
210M 6-7Towne 303 216T 4-5DRL 2C6
211T 11-12Williams 5 217T 6-7Towne 309
212T 12-1DRL 2C2

Accessing the Recitation Assignment System: